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70 Gracelyn Pen - Taking a gap year to teach English and music in Mexico with NOE International

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My special guest for this episode is my daughter Grace!

We had a lot of fun preparing to do this episode.

I'm trying to convince her to do more. (We talked about doing a separate podcast about learning psychology and ministry. )

Grace grew up in Portland. She is getting ready to go to college in Seattle in two weeks so it is really meaningful to spend time with her.

Of course, I think she is amazing and I am proud of her. I love how kind she is, she's a loyal friend. Of my kids she probably most shares my sense of humor, and interest in Marvel movies and is the most verbal processor.

She likes to play the violin, read, K-POP music, and sing in church.

We've spent a lot of time at the library, movies, and coffee shops together when she was growing up.

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