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Ep. 188 Julian Assange: The Ultimate Quest for Freedom

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Today's guest is one of the most controversial public figures in the modern age...

This week, Julian Assange, Australian journalist and founder of WikiLeaks joins Stansberry Radio.

The first time that Porter was able to interview Julian was at our Miami Society Conference, and it proved to be one of the most enlightening conversations we've ever seen.

And today there is no holding Porter back, he is asking the questions that everyone wants to know.

Find out what Julian has to say about:

•    His quest for freedom.

•    Which governments are the greatest abusers of privacy.

•    How corrupt the media is.

•    How WikiLeaks will affect the upcoming U.S. Presidential election.

Plus, Julian reveals what he believes will be the one thing that will save us from authoritarianism.

Then, in our second segment, Porter talks about one of the safest and best ways to protect your assets... owning offshore real-estate.

Marc Brown, director of sales at Rancho Santana, joins the show to talk about why listeners should consider owning property at one of Nicaragua's most sophisticated resort communities.

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