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Light for the Journey

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 Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. God uses his word to show us where we are in our lives and point us in the direction of where he would have us to go. It is our map to not only understand God but to know which road to travel. Let us look at the first part of this verse together. Your word is a lamp to my feet. Just like a flashlight’s beam is extremely specific, in other words, the flashlight does not light up the entire sky, but it can light up where you are standing so you do not fall and so it is with God's word applied to our hearts. His word is like a laser that pinpoints the hurts in our hearts so we can find comfort in our relationship with Jesus, it reveals offenses we have taken so we can find restored relationships, it reveals confusion so we can gain clarity, it reveals anxiety so we can find peace and so much more. For example, when I am struggling with anxiety, I can go his word and be reminded that the reason I am feeling down is because the scripture says in Proverbs 12:25b that anxiety weighs a man down. Then, to deal with that anxiety, I can go to Matthew 11:28-29 where God invites me to come to him when I am weary and burdened and he will give me rest because he is gentle and will teach me. You see, God’s word is there to help us find hope throughout our journey. But... God did not stop with just letting us know where we are standing and how to get what we need where we are, but he went on to say that his word will be a light to our path. In other words, His word illuminates the path before us so we can know which way to go. We do not have to walk around in the dark. God provides the light for our path. God does not leave us as we are, but he sent his son Jesus into the world to give us forgiveness, hope, and direction on how to journey with him through life. You are his child, and he loves you. He has not abandoned you on your journey and his word spoken in the scripture is a love letter written to you to give you direction for your journey. So, as we start out our day, I ask that the Lord direct your heart where you are standing right now and will show you how much he loves you and wants to walk with you each and every day. God Bless you and have a wonderful day… always remembering that when we have a relationship with Jesus, we are never abandoned on the journey.

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