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Ep 55. Rail revenue in the age of Great British Railways – Suzanne Donnelly

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In this episode of the Rail Technology Magazine Podcast, we chat to Suzanne Donnelly, Director of Passenger Revenue at Great British Railway Transition Team. 

Great British Railways has a remit to fundamentally change the way that rail in this country is run. It has at its core, a programme of change for the network, and how it can be the best in class for passengers and the industry.

Suzanne discusses the role that GBRTT will play in this change, and the steps that are being put in place to ensure that passengers and operators can embrace the future for rail and work together.

But how does the industry do this? Suzanne explains the initiatives that GBRTT have spearheaded since the transition began, including the enormously successful Great British Sale and the ticketing technology that is being implemented on certain routes.

But Suzanne also looks to the future, and how revenue generation and the passenger are forming an integral part of GBRTT’s mission to fuse the industry together into a common focus.

Suzanne has 16 years of experience in various commercial roles within the transport industry and is uniquely placed to offer insight into how rail can adopt technology, and commercial strategies to grow its revenue and sustainability. The podcast offers a great opportunity to hear how the future could look and how the present is looking for passengers and freight on the UK rail network

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