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Ep 56. Pushing forward innovation in Rail – Vaibhav Puri

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In this episode of the Rail Technology Magazine Podcast, we chat to Vaibhav Puri, Director of Sector Strategy and Transformation at the Rail Safety and Standards Board.

Vaibhav discusses in detail the role of the RSSB in how innovation in rail should be regulated and controlled and what needs to be done to make it as much an environment for innovation and technological transformation as possible.

But as the industry gets to grips with the changing world around it, it also wrestles with how to look after the data it inevitably will handle and Vaibhav discusses how best to handle data, the framework that need to exist to ensure privacy is in place and the capabilities of emerging technologies to change how the industry works with it.

Vaibhav is an influential voice in the evolution of the UK and EU railway legislation, including supporting the Department for Transport and the sector in transitioning seamlessly to a post-EU exit legal landscape and he explains how his role has evolved as the industry navigates its way through the changes that are happening.

Artificial intelligence is also discussed and we chat about its new role and its vast capabilities to fundamentally change the way rail looks in the future.

But with great change, there is a race to ensure that the industry adjusts appropriately and the wider rail community are on board and up-to-date, Vaibhav discusses how the board are reacting and proactively helping facilitate these changes.

We also discuss technology advancements in rail since Vaibhav started his role at RSSB and also what regulation frameworks might need to happen once Great British Railways is established.

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