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Ep 43: Intelligent Infrastructure and looking after the railway

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Climate change and how the rail industry is tackling it, is a key question which the industry is needing to confront. But as we look towards an unpredictable future, rail is beginning to get ahead of the challenge with its continued technological advance.

Network Rail is at the forefront of this, and in this episode of Rail Technology Magazine, we chat with Mona Silhota, Technical Head of Drainage and Lineside for Network Rail as well as Michael Brown, Head of Delivery for Intelligent Infrastructure at Network Rail.

Both of them discuss how they are combatting challenges, not only with climate change but also with maintenance and asset management and the role that ever-improving technology and data modelling plays in predicting the world around us.

There is also discussion on Network Rail’s Intelligent Infrastructure and how it is utilising data to turn reactivity into proactivity.

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