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Join Greg and I as we delve into a wide-ranging discussion about Greg's preparations for the Head of the Charles Regatta. We'll explore topics such as:

- Greg's collection of Charles medals and course records.
- His recent training regimen, including insights into tapering in the last few weeks.
- The impact of wake and wave energy, as well as any experiences with injuries.
- The quest for better beer!
- The nuances of Friday racing versus the weekend events.
- Different approaches to tapering and training for Elite and Masters categories.
- Detailed insights into the racecourse, optimal distances, and strategies (power vs. positioning).
- The evolving diet in the final weeks leading up to the race.
- Essential gear for racing, including considerations for boat, oars, and weight distribution.
- The significance "Magic Rate of 33" .
- The importance of the warm-up area and breathing rhythm.
- Dietary considerations, including a low residue diet.
- Year-round training and the challenges of maintaining racing weight. 
- Strategies for training through Masters events.
- An overview of events oriented for Masters rowers.
- Off-season training and its relevance to overall performance.

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