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In the latest episode of the podcast, NU Head Coach Alex Perkins and Sean dive into the current state of the Northeastern mens rowing program.

 We discuss last year's performance and what's in store for this spring, including the anticipated showdown between the huskies of NU and UW  

There's also talk about the recent change in the training schedule and rumors circulating about this being one of the fastest groups of athletes in NU history.

 We take a moment to reflect on Alex’s  journey from UW to BU, to serving as an assistant at NU, and eventually stepping up as the interim head coach. It's been quite the journey!

We touch on his passion for fishing versus coaching and share insights into the upcoming Sprints league and this year's schedule, including the prestigious Henley Royal Regatta. We delve into the intricacies of recruiting, both abroad and stateside, and explore the format of the Sunshine Invite.

Overall, it's an engaging episode packed with reflections, insights, and excitement for the future of the program.






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