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Episode 4: Thinkers in Relationships

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This podcast explores the challenges, both practical and psychological, thinking types (e.g., INTP) face in relationships. These challenges largely stem from the inferior nature of thinkers’ feeling (F) function, which can make their feelings more difficult to access, understand, and express. There are exceptions, however, such as periods of infatuation in which feelings are fueled by idealism. While experiencing strong emotions provide the promise of a more rich and rewarding life for thinking types, such experiences can be difficult to sustain once their thinking (T) process regains it typical control. Thinkers are thus faced with the challenge of finding a more sustainable way of integrating feeling into their daily lives and relationships. They must also come to grips with how they will think about and engage with their partners once feelings of infatuation have waned. What will motivate them to persist and grow with their partners?

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