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What is the LEEP Procedure opening you up to? with Denell Randall

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In this episode I sit down with Denell Barbara Randall M.A., who is a women's Integrative Health Coach and Wellness Educator specializing in cervical health and pelvic wellbeing. After healing her cervix herself of 7 years of abnormal pap smears (HPV & cervical dysplasia), Denell is devoted to spreading the word that yes, women can heal their cervix and fall deeper in love with their female body in the process. She has spent the last 12 years studying, researching and practicing integrative health, lifestyle medicine, motivation and behavior change, self sufficiency, devotional cooking & hearth tending, indigenous earth-based wisdom traditions, nature-based healing modalities, and the most important wisdom/intelligence one can study: her own body & her relationship to it. Cervical Wellness is in service to all women and to girls who'll become women, and seeks to be a hopeful resource of pelvic wellbeing for all.

We discuss:

- the powerful energetics of the Cervix.

- inquire to what else the LEEP Procedure may be opening us up to.

- the relationship between minerals and cervical dysplasia.

- What to do if you have just received an abnormal pap result.

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Instagram: @cervicalwellness


Book: Informed, Aware, Empowered


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