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Healing PCOS with Candace Kennedy

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Today's guest is my friend Candace Kennedy, Certified Nutritionist and RCP-C.  In this episode, Candace shares her journey of how she overcame: PCOS Gut issues and infections, including SIBO Adrenal and thyroid dysfunction Insomnia Anxiety Poor immune function (including sinus infections, strep throat, colds, flu…you name it, she'd get it) Hormonal acne Constant fatigue and low energy Insulin resistant and pre-diabetes  As well as her experience in choosing to have an explant surgery and the changes she's experienced post-op.  If you're interesting in working with Candace you can find her: Website: Candace K. Nutrition ( On Instagram: @candaceknutrition _________ For more information on Parris-  On Instagram: @parris_hodges --- Send in a voice message:

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