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Toddler Tips: Parenting Swaps to Go From Chaos to Calm

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At around 2 years old, I realized my daughter was no longer a baby. Melt downs without reason, less naps for “me time”, and a tiny brain that was sucking in all of its surroundings – I felt lost and exhausted and overwhelmed by the fact that I now had a very impressionable tiny human.

Fortunately this was the summer I took off all work and used this time to explore, read, learn, and listen to all sorts of philosophies.

Turns out, all I was missing was TOOLS and a philosophy that suits me. I now find toddler-parenting (exhausting at times of course!!), but also so joyful, cool, empowering - and dare I say healing. 


In this episode I share 14 changes I’ve made that have really helped the entire house be happier and emotionally healthier.  


I hope you enjoy :) 


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