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How to Avoid the Trauma Bonding TRAP in Relationships ft. Natalia Rachel

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Natalia Rachel is the founder of Iluma Health and author of “Why am I Like This?” As a therapist, she believes that the root of healing the world begins with healing our own trauma.  


Natalia spills:

- The impact trauma has on our relationships and how we take in the world 

- Why trauma isn’t about what happened but rather how it’s left “unmetabolized” by our bodies

- Missed symptoms of having “less easy to spot” trauma

- Her unpopular opinion of why knowing your personality type can be a danger to your evolution

- The dangers of allowing a diagnosis to become your identity

- Trauma Bonding: what is it and how does it impact intimacy

- Why we often feel repulsed by people who are “good” for us but attracted to those who are “bad” for us

- Why we can’t rush embodiment and why “healing” for too long can be harmful

- How popular self-help advice can perpetuate shame and be more harmful than helpful 

- and more…. 

Amazon link to Natalia's book: Why Am I like This?: Illuminating the traumatized self 


Human Intelligence Leadership Program 

Module 1 will be happening in U.S.A this year.

Dates: Friday, 29 September 2023 to Sunday, 1 October 2023, in the

Location: U.S.A., Austin Texas (Casa de Luz). 

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