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6. Defining And Overcoming Shame With Ghata Ingles

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Shame can be so crippling for us in so many ways, often bringing us into a shame spiral where we can't see anyway out. This very powerful and transformative conversation is with the incredible Ghata Engles. She defines shame in a way in such a in-depth, intellectual and beautifully profound way. In this conversation we compare the difference between shame and guilt. And how to get us out of our shame spirals using the power of compassion.

Ghata is an internationally renowned and respected energy worker, somatic experiencing practitioner and facilitator. At her heart, she is a visionary and evolutionary healer who is in the business of guiding individuals to be empowered with the knowledge and tools to ignite their healing potential and thus lead more healthy, fulfilling lives. With over 30 years of experience I am extremely grateful to have her on the Podcast.

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