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What You Run From Chases You with Danielle LaPorte

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Danielle LaPorte is an author and poet living in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been reading her books for years and this is her second time on the podcast. She has a way of articulating esoteric concepts in a way that goes down real easy for me, always has. We spoke over zoom a few weeks ago about what she’s been learning lately, self-help exhaustion, how non-duality is a creative act, self forgiveness vs self discipline, having the courage to make what she calls the 11th hour change, and how I discovered her in 2013 and her memory of that day. She quotes Krishnamurti saying “discipline is a tool that numbs the mind,” so we talked about that, our tendency to take on too many projects so we have to stay up late and eat crackers for dinner. We get into her thoughts on what she calls “tyrant time" vs "power time” and  more. Her new book is called How to Be Loving, and I especially love her early book The Desire Map. Let us know if you listen.

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