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Well-being > Wellness: Christy Harrison on the Care Effect, the Wellness Trap, History of Hysteria & Much More

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This week I spoke to Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, who, in addition to being my close friend of over a decade, is someone whose work has significantly impacted me. As a journalist she’s covered food, nutrition, and health for more than 20 years. She's also a clinician working with people as a registered dietitian nutritionist specializing in eating disorders. Her writing has appeared everywhere from New York Times to the Food Network, and she's written two books: 2019's Anti-Diet and her latest, The Wellness Trap. We talked about how she’s handling the praise and criticism of a large platform, what well-being practices she does participate in, and in a clip from an interview I did with her on her new show Rethinking Wellness we talk about how my episode on her first show, Food Psych, where we talked about orthorexia was one of the early influences for this new book. We cover some topics it including the history of the hysteria diagnosis, and much more.

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