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Warm > Cool: Melina Peterson on Effort in Effortless, Career Sabbatical, Pivoting & More

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In this week's episode, I spoke to my good friend Melina Peterson about the hidden effort behind appearing effortless, human design, astrology, leaving a full-time job after navigating the corporate matrix, burnout, and more. Melina started her own digital marketing agency called Cornerlight Digital and recently made the challenging decision to pause it to take a sabbatical.

We recorded this while she was in the midst of her career pause, so she shared what’s been coming up for her, including: exploring synchronicities, reconnecting with her inner child, and reevaluating her values post-pandemic. She still lives in NYC but recently visited LA, so we recorded this in person at my kitchen table while she was in town. Let us know if you listened. 


Show Notes:

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