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The Big Bad Thing: Ryann Bosetti Returns (Part 3/3)

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This week is the third and final part of my conversation with hair stylist Ryann Bosetti. If you listened to the last two episodes you know she’s one of my favorite people to talk to so I wasn’t surprised we recorded for over three hours. I broke up that conversation into the last two episodes, where we talked about everything from how she got scouted to model at age 19 to her mystical thoughts on finding love in her late thirties to how she looks at her life through the lens of a fairy tale. If we look at her life from that storybook perspective, then this third episode is the chapter about a big, bad, wild situation that happened to her a few years ago. Recorded on a separate day, in this part Ryann shares the bad thing that happened to her, what she learned from that terrible time, how she healed from the tender spot she was left in, and how she now helps others as a result of her experience.


Show Notes:

- Listen to part 1 and part 2 of my conversation with Ryann

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Ryann's Recs for Hair and beyond Including:
-Spirulina for hair growth
-B Complex Liquid for growth as well 
-Shower Water Filter for preventing hair breakage 
-Nettle Tea for hair growth 
-Women Who Run With the Wolves (Book she gave me) 
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- Photo credit: Alex Nataf-Taghizadeh for Unconditional Magazine

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