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Talking to Yourself: Katie Horwitch on How to Maintain Your Social Battery, Shift Negative Self-Talk & Plan a Freakout

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This week, I talk to my good friend of nearly a decade, author Katie Horwitch. We reminisce about our years of friendship, both moving to New York, and the evolving nature of relationships with distance. Our conversation also delves into the celebration of her new book and exploring her writing process. With a background in theater, Katie has long been an advocate for helping women shift negative self-talk patterns, a theme central to her book. She emphasizes the importance of beginning with the "self" rather than the "talk" when trying to shift negative internal dialog. In this episode, we explore why developing a stronger sense of self is the initial step to shifting negative self-talk. Additionally, we touch on Katie's insights into loneliness, belonging, casual negativity, prioritization, coping with overwhelm, distilling a project down to a concise thesis, and energy management. Let us know if you listen!


Show Notes:

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- Katie's book, Want Your Self

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