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Sorry for the Delayed Response: digital organizer Jésabel DC on Overwhelm, Sensitive Time & Prioritization

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This week I spoke with Jésabel DC. She runs a digital organization studio where she helps people with anxiety organize their digital lives. I was one of them, which is how we met. We talked about the systems she helped me make, how I've struggled to sustain them, and how I can evolve her systems. With a background in psychology and design, she specializes in turning chaotic digital environments (i.e., inboxes, files, notes, calendars) into playful, functional spaces. She tells how she got into this, and what we can do to feel less overwhelmed with constant correspondence flying at us. She defines anxiety-aware communication, gives advice on managing undefined relationships, prioritizing what matters, friend assistance and more. And if you want to join us for a workshop called the Life Audit, where she and I will combine journaling and organizing to to guide you through both the emotional and practical aspects of life overwhelm. the link is in the shownotes to learn more.  : )


Show Notes:

- Jésabel and my Life Audit Workshop

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