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"Queering in Friendships": Rae McDaniel, Sex Therapist & Author of Gender Magic Returns

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This week Rae McDaniel is back. Rae is a non-binary gender and sex therapist who works primarily with transgender/non-binary/questioning folks transitioning their gender identity. We talk about how everybody has an opportunity to look at their gender identity and decide how they want to express it to see they want to present themselves. You might remember from our last episode they were writing a book. It's out now and called: Gender Magic—I read an early copy and loved it. We covered some of my favorite parts like how they see gender as a galaxy, human centered design thinking, how they approach decision making, naming fear rather than ignoring it, evolving personal style and the importance of kinship through “queering” intimacy in friendships, and much more. Let us know if you listened and Happy Pride!


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