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Perfection Bubbles Burst: Musician Sam Burton on Collaboration, Tarot, Criticism & More

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This week I spoke with Sam Burton. He’s an artist originally from Utah now living in my neighborhood in LA.  Sam came over a few weeks ago and we drank tea and talked about everything from how he began playing music, to how he approaches collaboration, craft, and creativity. After spending time studying Jungian psychology, he began reading tarot for himself and others. We spoke about how that impacts his songwriting as well as dream work, typology and Myers-Briggs. He’s candid about how “perfection bubbles” burst, the value of connection, and how constructive feedback given well has shaped his sound. We get into what he’s learned about sustaining a career in music, touring, maintaining a beginner's mind,  external validation and criticism,  his thoughts on love, nature, friendship, the music that shaped him, and more. I especially loved this one, Sam is deeply introspective, humble, easy to talk to, and wise. Let us know if you listen.

Show Notes:

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- Sam's LA release show night 1 (July 14) & night 2 (July 15)

- Pre-order Sam's new album, Dear Departed (out July 14) 

- Listen to Sam's song Long Way Around

- Sam's car accident GoFundMe

- The Way of Tarot (the first tarot book Sam fell in love with)

- For Sam's Jungian book recs: anything by Marion Woodman is a good place to begin

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