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Mythic Beauty: Legendary Hairtylist Ryann Bosetti (Part 2/3)

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This week is part two of my conversation with hair stylist Ryann Bosetti. So happy she’s back since she’s one of my favorite people to talk to. We recorded for three hours at her studio a few weeks ago. Ryann is incredibly wise, special, mystical, and has sage insight around so many topics, so I’ve broken this up into a few episodes. In this second part, we cover: how she got scouted to model at age 19; how she found hairdressing; hair trends like big hair in the 80s; frequently asked questions about hair trends, health, and growth. Last week in part one, we talked about: power dynamics in the hair world; her mystical thoughts on finding love; on becoming what she calls a “baby elder woman” and how she loves sharing what she’s learned.

Show Notes:
- Listen to part 1 of my conversation with Ryann from last week

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Ryann's Recs for Hair and beyond Including:
-Spirulina for hair growth
-B Complex Liquid for growth as well 
-Shower Water Filter for preventing hair breakage 
-Nettle Tea for hair growth 
-Women Who Run With the Wolves (Book she gave me) 
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-her fairytale backstory, from how she got scouted to model at age 19, left college to move to NYC, London, and Australia, and then returned to finish school and worked in finance in NYC

-how she ended up in hair school

-anorexia recovering, lingering, and healing

-eating disorders within relationships

-hair trends like big hair in the 80s 

-her most frequently asked hair questions on everything from trends, damage, hair health, growth tips

-advice for someone wanting to become a hairdresser 

-why leftovers are so good

-being earnest on instagram and how she handles social media in general

-her greatest lesson of the last year 

-how imperfection is part of our perfection & letting go of the need to be fixed

-plus I ask questions from our mutual pals including: some previous guests like Kerrilynn Pamer and Crystal Fawn

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