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Mythic Beauty: Legendary Hairstylist Ryann Bosetti on Love, Wisdom from a "Baby Elder Woman" & More (Part 1/3)

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This week I speak with hair stylist Ryann Bosetti. She’s one of my favorite people to talk to, so we recorded for three hours at her studio a few weeks ago. Ryann has lived many fascinating lives. She is incredibly wise, special, mystical, and has sage insight around so many topics, so I’m breaking this up into a few episodes. In this first part, we talk about: power dynamics in the hair world; her mystical thoughts on finding love; on becoming what she calls a “baby elder woman” and how she loves sharing what she’s learned. Next week in part two we cover: how she got scouted to model at age 19; how she found hairdressing; hair trends like big hair in the 80s; frequently asked questions about hair trends, health, and growth.



-softening within work

-healing from hair shame

-power dynamics in the hair world

-importance of communication between hair stylist and client

-positive lessons she got from her years of being a model

-single women in society: the term “chronically single”

-opening up to dating after being single

-finding love: her mystical thoughts on meeting and falling in love

-becoming what she calls a “baby elder woman” and the importance of helping each other move through transitions like moving, finding a home, and improving self care / worth


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