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Mindful Space Design: Anjie Cho Returns

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You may remember Anjie from her several other appearances here over the years, most recently, the in-person feng shui consulting session she did for me in my apartment. This time, in her fifth appearance on this podcast, we give some updates from making the adjustments she suggested on our last episode, plus we talk about her new book, some factors she can pinpoint that impacted her career success, and I took some questions from others including space and home adjustments for relationships, and how to adjust and compromise when merging styles when moving in with a new partner. And the question she gets most often from couples: what to do when one person values consistency and familiarity and the other loves novelty and moving around furniture. 

Since 1999, Anjie has been designing spaces informed by the ancient practice of feng shui and tailored to each individual’s needs, which you’ll get a taste of in this. She’s been featured everywhere from The New York Times to Domino Magazine; she’s a New York State registered architect; co-founder of the Mindful Design Feng Shui School; and author of the book Holistic Spaces and the newly published Mindful Homes. 


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