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I’m sharing a special preview of a podcast I’ve been loving for years, Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso, from Pushkin Industries. Talk Easy is a weekly interview podcast, where writer Sam Fragoso invites actors, writers, activists, and musicians to come to the table and speak from the heart in ways you probably haven't heard from them before. Driven by curiosity, he’s had revealing conversations with everyone from Ethan Hawke to Cate Blanchett to Pedro Pascal to Questlove. 

In this preview, he sits down with actor, writer, and director Lake Bell, who shares her path to creating Inside Voice, her new audiobook. She describes growing up in Manhattan in the 80s, chronicling the world around her by tape recorder, and capturing those experiences into her 2013 film, "In a World..." And she shares how her voice has transformed in the past decade, the phenomenon of the 'sexy baby voice,' and the characters she hopes to discover in years to come. You can hear the full episode, and more from Talk Easy, at https://podcasts.pushkin.fm/talkeasypod?sid=out.


PS Happy Holidays! we'll be back with long form episodes soon and in the meantime catch up, dive into the archive, listen to music, talk to each other, or talk to me. thank you for being here. 

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