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Leaving Instagram with Amelia Hruby, PhD, Host of Off The Grid & Founder of Softer Sounds Studio

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This week I spoke to writer and podcaster Amelia Hruby. She’s also the author of the book Fifty Feminist Mantras. In this conversation we primarily focus on one aspect of her work, the topic of her show: Off the Grid: Leaving Social Media Without Losing All Your Clients. We discuss her experience of leaving social media and the feelings that come with navigating Instagram both personally and professionally. She shares how the boundaries she set up for herself failed her and how the pros of leaving Instagram outweighed the cons. We unpack the nuances of the social capital of instagram, parasocial relationships on it, how our use of it evolved since we first got it, and the emotions tied up in using it socially. We spent so much time on this topic, that she will be back for part two where we will focus on podcasting, from what makes a good conversation to where she sees the future of the industry and  more.

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