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Karma Success with Liz Tran, Founder of Reset NYC

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This week I spoke to author and founder of Reset NYC Liz Tran. In addition to her fifteen years of tech and VC experience, Liz also coaches from her spiritual practice. She is a Buddhist and a trained meditation teacher, and studied at the Samyak Ashram in Dharamshala, India. In this we spoke about the difference between self-esteem and self-worth and the benefits of developing self-worth which include: increased productivity, socializing, assertiveness, and resilience. We talk about the importance of feeling comfortable with the people you surround yourself with in order to build self-esteem. As well as how to be assertive without being rude, how family constellations helped her make some major life changes, and how she works with her founders as an executive coach. Her new book The Karma of Success just came out, so we talk about some of my favorite parts including the diagrams, figures, and visuals she uses to break down concepts and how she comes up with them. I loved talking with her.


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