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I Can't Believe I'm Still Doing This...10 Years! With Sacha Jones

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This week, one of my favorite people to talk to Sacha Jones hosts the program. For the last several years she’s come back annually to interview me the last week of April. This year we talked about how we met a decade ago, how we've changed since, how this podcast has changed, what morning routines have made it 10 years, our love of this item, cringing at past versions of ourselves, and  more. Sacha tells how she ended up moving to NYC from London to be an Au pair and recently found some old journals for that time. She’s is one of the most creative, wise, and gentle people I know and our annual catch-ups end up being time capsules of that year. Let us know if you listened : )

Show Notes:

-Tongue scrappers ...the love of our lives 

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