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Have Your Carbs & Eat Them Too: Phoebe Lapine Returns

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This week I spoke to my close friend, chef, author, and screenwriter Phoebe Lapine. She is one of the most creative and self-aware people I know, and I deeply admire her and her work. We met years ago when I interviewed her when her book The Wellness Project came out and then again for her last book which was about SIBO. She has a new cookbook out now, called Carbivore, which I have been learning to cook from. We catch up in this episode about the topic of this new project which is, of course, carbs: we get into what led to carbs being demonized by the diet industry, what sugar and carbs actually mean for our blood sugar, food sequencing, digestion, how overthinking all of this can be damaging, and how we’ve both been on the extreme ends and how to navigate that. Let us know if you listen.


Show notes:

- Phoebe's latest book: Carbivore

- Phoebe's earlier books: SIBO Made Simple | The Wellness Project | In the Small Kitchen

- Connect with Phoebe on The Web | Instagram

- Find me on IG: @letitouttt + @katiedalebout | Substack

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