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Collapsing Timelines with Holisticism's Michelle & Wallis

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This week I spoke with Michelle and Wallis, hosts of The Twelfth House and Good For U(?) podcasts. They had me on a few months ago and we had such a great conversation that I asked if we could talk more on this one. Michelle and I have been friends for ages, she’s the founder of Holisticism. Wallis joined the team a few years ago, and she, like Michelle, is so smart and cool as you’ll hear. We talk about the beginning days of Holisticism, a space that bridges the gap between the mystic and the realistic to make well-being more accessible to more people. We covered how it has expanded, including how they’ve built their team, advice for management, hiring, non-coercive marketing, failure, curation vs creation, prioritization as “squiggly brained" people, and podcasting as a medium (they both used the Podcast Kit to start their shows). And then we get into regret, string theory, breakups, collapsing timelines, undefined friendships, and much more. Let us know if you listen.


Show Notes:

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