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Cale remembers his thoughts: musician Cale Tyson on rehab, recovery & our neighborhood feeling like high school...

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Cale Tyson is a musician originally from Texas, now living in my neighborhood in LA. He came by several weeks ago and we talked about our neighborhood feeling like high school, what he was like in high school, self-mythologizing, craving validation in projects (and beyond), and being allergic to earnestness…all before getting into his wild story of how he ended up going to rehab and getting sober last summer. He honestly explains what got him to that point with his trademark combo of self-deprecation and earnest humor. His new book, "Some Memories Are Only Thoughts”, just came out. We talk about that too as well as writing, sharing our work, and cringing at the process of it all. He’s a real gentle, sweet guy who makes me laugh and surprised me with a bunch of wisdom in this. And I surprised him with a few questions from his friends. Let us know if you listen.

Show Notes:

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- Cale's song he mentioned  that plays at the end of this is  Not Healthy Anymore

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