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Apologies & Authenticity: Shari Foos' Guide to Genuine Human Interaction

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In this episode, I speak with Shari Foos, a marriage and family therapist and the visionary founder of The Narrative Method. We delve into the power of human connection, discussing concepts like the "cult of culture," the transformative impact of uninterrupted sharing, and the art of hosting salons. Shari shares her wisdom on managing overgiving, navigating friendships, and sustaining romantic relationships. We explore the nuances of self-work and its profound influence on our connections with others, what makes a genuine apology, feeling misunderstood, and effective communication techniques. 

Join us as Shari reflects on her bold move to LA at 20, her experiences in acting and the music industry, returning to school to become a therapist, and relocating to NYC where she began her practice. Plus, we unravel the intricacies of neurodiversity and the challenges of managing intrusive thoughts, creativity, and the art of genuine human interaction.


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