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Journey Home to Self

Deepshikha Sairam

Spirituality Podcast for high achieving women who are feeling unfulfilled, stuck, unhappy and are waking up to realize all the different ways they’ve abandoned themselves with people pleasing, putting everyone before them and ignoring their desires, pleasure and truth. Journey Home to Self is hosted by your Spiritual Mentor, Deepshikha Sairam, who will guide you to coming back home to your true nature and becoming who you really are so that you can unlock your full potential and embrace more joy, peace and happiness. From getting past your inner critic, learning to trust your intuition, manifestation, awakening your higher self and understanding the journey of coming home to self at all levels - mind, body and spirit, this podcast is the map you need to make a LEAP into your personal growth journey and spiritual awakening! Download a free guided meditation to Connect With the Field of Infinite Possibilities & Create The Future You Want - Follow the podcast on Instagram @journeyhometoself. Follow Deepshikha on Instagram @deepshikhasairam

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