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The Lightning Wolf is Born, Neel Kashkari’s Scorn and Do We Need Biden’s Forgiveness?! - Hard Money

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Episode 12 of Hard Money with Natalie Brunell - Headlines this week include Bitcoin’s price drop along with the S&P, expectation of more rate hikes from the Fed, Minneapolis Federal Reserve President, Neel Kashkari’s criticism of Central Bank Digital Currencies, President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, the growing energy crisis in Europe, growing pains for Texas Bitcoin miners, concern about the release of 137,000 bitcoin to Mt. Gox Creditors, Sullivan Bank offering Bitcoin services, and Ross Stevens’ announcement of an all new Lightning Network focused accelerator program, Wolf, in New York City.

This week’s guest commentator is Caitlin Long, Wall Street veteran, Wyoming resident and founder and CEO of Custodia Bank. For this week’s Hard Money Report we profile Bitcoiners in Austin, Texas and at the BitBlockBoom Conference, highlighting why Texas is so friendly to Bitcoin and why Austin is quickly becoming a Bitcoin capitol city.


00:00:00 “Hard Money” Intro

00:00:35 September Effect, CBDCs and Student Loan Forgiveness

00:07:05 Bitcoin Headlines and “In Wolfs Clothing”

00:11:26 Caitlin Long Interview

00:21:09 “Bit Block Boom”, “Bitcoin Commons” and touring Austin, Texas

00:24:41 “Hard Money” Outro

Hard Money with Natalie Brunell features weekly headlines and hard hitting interviews from the world of Bitcoin and Finance, a macro update with Andy Edstrom, as well as Bitcoin stories from around the world.

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