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Easter Vigil Mass Homily

Do tyłu o 15 sekund
Do przodu o 15 sekund

The deceiver is deceived, his dominion is destroyed, and you and I have been sent out as witnesses.

Fr. Riccardo discusses the sheer power of God while referencing a second century homily from Bishop Melito of Turkey and addressing the congregation that included some 34 people about to receive the Sacraments of Baptism and/or Confirmation. Fr. John discusses the freedom given to the baptized as their sins are washed away and they are given new power with authority over their lives. He also discusses what it means to be sent out. When we have been rescued by Jesus we are sent to rescue others by telling them about Him. Our joy should be uncontainable, and our response should be to worship God for what He has done for us.


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