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Today's guest, Chris Robbins, is a dad, writer, seeker, in love with his wife Mel Robbins, and the founder of Soul Degree: adventure-inspired wilderness-based retreats designed exclusively for men. If you battle with anxiety, addiction, or feel overwhelmed by the panic of the matrix, and whatever other external pressures the system tells us we need to accomplish to matter in this world, this one is for you.

In this pod, you’ll discover what led Chris to realize that his life had become a lot less fun and much more serious, and how he finally did something about it. He shares how Soul Degree retreats create space for clarity, connection, acceptance, and an intimate brotherhood, resulting in profound relationships with themselves and each other. Soul Degrees' mission paves the path to deeper sovereignty and more fulfillment in their roles as partners, fathers, and friends.

On a personal note, this was one of the most wholehearted conversations I’ve ever had the honor of having. Thank you, Chris.

Tune In To Learn:

  • Living “one gate" at a time (1:22)
  • The birth and purpose of Soul Degree (3:41)
  • The impact that deep connection can have on a person (8:54)
  • How to take a moment for regrounding, every day (16:49)
  • Clearing vices from our paths and finding clarity (24:10)
  • Why honesty resonates the loudest (32:05)
  • Finding joy and meaning by breaking the mold (41:25)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Mel Robbins

Byron Katie

Connect with Chris Robbins:


Soul Degree

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    The Fine Line Between Hesitancy and Urgency with Matt Gottesman


    In this episode, I am excited to be joined by Matt Gottesman. Matt is an awakened soul on a mission to arm the masses with as much knowledge and tools to create, publish, build, scale, and sell on the Internet while living through these incredibly challenging times. Matt is a founder, digital marketer, and Web 3.0 enthusiast by trade but is also a multidisciplinary creative, podcaster, writer, artist, and so much more.Even though the pandemic narrative is beginning to crumble, many of us have a massive sense of fear yet not all of us know how to move forward despite the fear so end of staying stuck and silent.And this is why I'm so honored that Matt joined my podcast to speak about exactly that. This conversation will help you break free with a conscious perspective from an awakened warrior who walks his talk. Matt shares how to tap into your personal power by learning to embrace uncertainty with a special take I hadn't heard before, how to embody self-reliance, and why it may be urgent to decide to show up as the leader you already are right now. Because if you’re on the awakening journey, even the very, very beginning, you are in fact already a leader in these polarized times.In This Episode You Will Learn:The irony of getting ‘unstuck’ (5:57)What you will gain when you remove the judgment from other people (17:25)How facing uncertainty builds confidence (32:34)Matt’s advice for neutralizing polarizing conflict (40:37)Why you are in fact a leader if you’re participating in the other side of the mainstream narrative (56:23)Connect with Matt GottesmanWebsiteInstagramFacebookLiberated LeadershipMatt’s Substack See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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    How to Embody Liberated Living with Michael Eisen


    In this episode, I share a conversation with my friend and awakened warrior Michael Eisen on Liberated Living. If you are on the awakening journey, be sure to press play because this is for you.Michael is the founder of the Youth Wellness Network, an organization dedicated to empowering youth across the globe to live happier and more positive lives. After transforming his own life at the age of 19, he is now on a life-long crusade to share the principles, strategies, and practices that have given him the strength to start living a more joyful, healthier, and liberated life from the mainstream narrative.Michael shares what it’s like to lead from the gut and a deeply informed perspective in the polarized space humanity is facing right now. As entrepreneurs and business professionals, it can be scary to speak your truth when you fear it might affect your business, but Michael shares how it’s actually beneficial once you learn how to open up the door with the keys to conscious communication.You’ll hear how we’ve both succeeded in building and growing our community by standing firm in our truth, and how to accept and transcend the divisive opinions of others as you walk this brazen path.You’ll also learn what you can expect from our upcoming free masterclass, Break the Spell: A Masterclass in Liberated Living. This experience will support you with the tools, resources, and activations from the leading edge portal of LIBERATION alongside a like-minded power tribe.Tune In To Learn:Unapologetically bringing truth into your life and business model (6:46)Finding and building sacred community in our polarized times (13:45)The three camps of mass formation that humanity is facing in our current situation (18:10)Advice for getting through these times if you’re questioning the narrative (26:46)What you’ll walk away with from attending our free masterclass on January 17, 2022 (35:21)Resources:Join our free masterclass, Break the Spell: A Masterclass in Liberated Living: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/break-the-spell-a-masterclass-in-liberated-living-tickets-235669031417How to understand the phenomenon of Mass Formation by professor of clinical psychology Mattias Desmet on the Aubrey Marcus podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/why-people-give-up-freedom-w-prof-mattias-desmet-331/id521945322?i=1000539141091Connect with Michael Eisen on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meisen1 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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    This ONE Question Will Change Your Entire Life


    What if ONE question could change your entire life? The one question I ask myself, my friends, family, and clients anytime we're ready to upgrade our life experience is, "If you had to pick ONE word to describe your highest intention, what would it be?"Last year, my one-word-intention word was CURIOSITY. I got curious. I stayed curious. And what a year it was. I started questioning everything… I began looking outside the old paradigms, patterns, and programming and followed the red pill rabbit hole for hundreds of hours that demanded I WAKE UP.In today's pod, you’ll hear how curiosity has shaped my year, life, and reality so profoundly that life will never be the same. I also share my one-word intention for 2022 and how you can discover yours, too.Tune In To Learn:The one-word-intention that changed my entire perception of reality in 2021 (1:08)What letting go of the media's narrative looked like for me (9:00)My one-word intention for 2022 (16:21)Where I’m finding truth in 2022 (23:07)An invitation to my free masterclass "Liberated Living" designed for the awakening soul ready to break free and activate the courage needed to better serve humanity. (27:59)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Join our free live masterclass "Break the Spell: A Masterclass in Liverataed Living: www.liberated-leadership.comBeliever by Samuel J: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6Galaj3VB97teivxAZP2e7Joe Rogan and Matt Taibbi: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5UvmcC0jD6WgbxrqwoJylI?si=0aER-tcDQ8CI9cJ00uR43w See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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    How to BE After Awakening with Amelinda Rush


    This week's guest is Amelinda Rush, a dear friend of mine since meeting at Tony Robbins' Date with Destiny in 2018. It was love at first sight but our friendship really deepened throughout the pandemic through sharing our experiences of being on the journey of awakening.Amelinda is a fiercely passionate woman and like many, has never publicly spoken up but was willing to step outside her comfort zone because she knows that's what this time represents at its core. It takes a special kind of courage to stand up against the cancel culture today, but Amelinda refuses to live in fear and teaches her children to do the same.She's been leading by heart-driven example for the past 20 months so I asked if she would come on the pod and share what inspired her warrior mama mindset and the practical steps of BEING after awakening, and she certainly delivered. Thank you, Amelinda for sharing your lioness heart and wisdom!Tune In To Learn:Amelinda’s path to awakening (3:35)Getting through day to day life after you’ve awoken (9:01) Living via Be-Love-Do (12:52) Choosing the path of least resistance (19:02)Remembering that we all want the same things (24:55)Amelinda’s choice between freedom and safety (29:04)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amelinda.r.3Tony Robbins' Date with Destiny: https://www.tonyrobbins.com/events/date-with-destiny See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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    The Knowing with Serena Dyer Pisoni (and phenomenal signs someone was with us)


    The Fire and Soul podcast has been out for over three years and this episode is the most incredible experience I’ve had so far. I’m joined by my special guest Serena Dyer Pisoni, co-author of the best-selling book, The Knowing: 11 Lessons to Understand the Quiet Urges of Your Soul, she wrote with her sister Saje Dyer. Serena shares what it was like being raised with the expectation of magic and miracles, and the lessons she’s learned from her unique upbringing by one of the spiritual masters of our time, her father Dr. Wayne Dyer. Of course, we talk about my favorite parts of The Knowing (I've read it three times so clearly I’m a bit obsessed), but that’s because there’s a resonance of truth that drips off of each page as Serena and Saje share their heartfelt stories, lessons learned, and unwavering spiritual faith.We wrap up this enlightening conversation with the one question Serena has for God every single day. No doubt you will be inspired as much as I was. Finally, I think it’s fair to say we could all benefit from a little magic and miracles right now so I hope you listen and then get yourself a copy of The Knowing, too!In This Episode You Will Learn:What Serena has learned since writing her book (11:58)Knowing to expect a connection with the spirit world (13:09)The opportunities that exist within this difficult period of time for the world (17:36)Turning anger and blame into love and forgiveness (25:44)Cultivating awareness and diving deeper into the mysteries of life (39:20)The one question Serena has for God (41:29)The difference between God and Good (43:59)Here’s to tuning into all the magic, mystery, and abundance of life!Resources Mentioned in this Episode:The Knowing book: https://www.amazon.com/Knowing-Lessons-Understand-Quiet-Urges/dp/1683647173https://www.instagram.com/serenadyerpisonihttps://www.instagram.com/saje.dyerSong: Prayer of St. Francis: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6Galaj3VB97teivxAZP2e7 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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    From Fear to Light


    As a follow-up to my last solo episode, Episode 139: Sovereignty or THIS, I recorded another solo as I continue to reflect on my journey of awakening. I share how I struggled whether or not to share my truth and the hysterical fear that came over me. And what I learned for sure is that fear is a catalyst for growth. If we're willing to face the fear of being judged, ridiculed, unfollowed, and unfriended for standing for the truth we know we're here to serve, so be it. Because if there's anything I've learned this year, it's that to the degree we can be with the darkness is directly related to the degree we can be with the light. So with that in mind, I let it rip. Let’s break the spell of mass psychosis and learn to empower the light within to see through the illusion of the mainstream narrative. It’s past time to reclaim our sovereignty. Stay free!In This Episode You Will Learn:Why I contracted after releasing Ep. 139 (1:46)How I’m feeding my soul right now (13:23)Healing music that’s helping dissolve my fear (18:23)What awaits when you’re willing to get present (25:57)Connecting directly to your heart by disconnecting from your mind (30:11)Becoming present in this intergalactic experience (38:07)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Episode 139: Sovereignty or THISSong: Be Not Afraid   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Healing Crystals for Furbabies


    If you’ve had the honor of knowing a furbaby in your life, you know how much of an impact they make. Their love and loyalty leave a mark on your heart, creating a soul connection that spans the bridge between human and animal connection. Just like humans, our furbabies also experience fears, anxieties, and physical ailments. Whether it’s past trauma, an injury or illness, or a tendency for motion sickness, they deserve healing. However, it’s often hard to know what’s ailing them, where it comes from, and how we can best help them find peace and improve their life quality. But today’s guests are here to share something truly profound that will help you help your furbabies live better, calmer, more fulfilled lives. And the path to get there is a lot easier than you might think. In this episode, I’m joined by Andrea Groussman and Sat Devbir, the beautiful souls behind Power Peace Fur Babies. Andrea is a fine jewelry designer whose spiritual journey led her to discover the power of self-love, and how to embrace the metaphysical properties of crystal healing. Sat is an International Speaker, Yoga & Meditation Teacher Trainer, Crystal Healing Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Counselor. His ability to receive information from the spiritual world led to his desire to help people and animals heal. Together, they offer a collection of healing crystal pendants and necklaces, elegantly designed with durable materials, to help pets maintain their physical, emotional, and mental wellness.Today, we’ll start with a meditation to help center our minds on the connection we have to the earth and our animal brethren. Then, you’ll learn how crystals work to heal both humans and animals, some of the most common issues pets and owners face, and how specific crystals help resolve imbalances. We also welcome a very special guest today, my furbaby Samson, as he gets a live consult and crystal prescription from Sat during the conversation.Here’s to honoring our furbabies by doing everything we can to improve their lives, in the same way they enrich ours! In This Episode You Will Learn:How the inspiration for their concept for fur babies came about (8:37)An example of how the pendants are interactive (12:49)A 101 introduction into how crystals work (16:24)A live consult with Sampson (27:10)How the necklaces and pendants are worn by your pets (35:23)How you can save 30% for your furbaby (47:46)Power Peace Furbabies 30% off Discount Code: fireandsoulPower Peace Furbabies:Power Peace Furbabies' website: https://www.powerpeacefurbabies.comPower Peace Furbabies on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/powerpeacefurbabiesConnect with Andrea and Sat:Andrea Groussman Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/andreagroussman/Andrea Groussman Fine Jewelry: https://erinclairejones.com/lookupSat Devbir Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/satdevbir/Sat Devbir website: https://www.satdevbirsingh.com/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Inside Human Design With Erin Claire Jones


    Having a map to guide you is not only helpful, but it’s a huge relief. Whether you’re traveling along the ancient cobblestone streets of an old European city or hiking remote mountain trails, that guidance goes a long way. Not only does it get you where you’re going, but it offers you a sense of security in knowing that you’re on the right path. So, wouldn’t it be great if we had a map that could help guide us in life? What if there were some way to understand yourself on a deeper level so that you knew exactly what to pack, which way to go, and who your best travel partners might be along the journey of life? Well, that map exists.It’s called a Human Blueprint and it’s there to guide you toward making decisions based on how you feel, not by what you think. It’s your own personal guide to alignment that gives you permission to be exactly who you are. It’s how you’ll feel more aligned along your journey and harness the kind of success that’s true to who you really are. In this episode, I’m welcoming Erin Claire Jones to the show. She’s a Human Design Guide and leadership coach who’s been featured in Forbes, Mind Body Green, and Nylon magazine. She has helped over 15,000 people understand their human blueprint, and today, she’ll tell you how you can discover your unique map to guide you towards authenticity, success, and fulfillment. Human design can help you become more self-actualized, liberating you from confusion, anxiety, and disorientation. You’ll learn how to embody the framework as your unique gateway to BE what you've always felt but never allowed yourself to fully step into.Here’s to living into your truth by design! In This Episode You Will Learn:The definition of a human blueprint (2:22)Types of blueprints and what they mean (4:14)Why you feel out of alignment when resisting your blueprint (14:33)How your design information continues to inform your actions over time (21:16)What you can learn from human design about your relationship (26:04)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Get your Blueprint: a personalized guide to your unique design: erinclairejones.com/blueprint*Use the code FIREANDSOUL for 10% off your Blueprint or a spot in Erin’s next Flow workshopLook up your human design: https://erinclairejones.com/lookupConnect with Erin:InstagramWebsiteBook an individual session: erinclairejones.com/individualJoin her next free intro webinar: https://howdoyouchoose1.splashthat.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Guided by Wholeness with Raj Jana


    Awakening is an empowering, excruciating, and wildly expansive journey. And if this is you right now, know you are not alone. You have an entire tribe standing united with you, including my very special guest on today's episode.Raj Jana, one of the kindest and wisest serial entrepreneurs I've ever known, joins the pod to journey deeper into the transformative experience of the Grand Awakening. We talk about the gift of self-trust and sacred practices of shadow and mirror work, and how they can help us tap into our power personal so that we can be in service to others from our highest level.I'm honored by this conversation because it represents the epitome of sovereign leadership in today's trying times. Enjoy!Tune In and Learn:What led Raj to seek his sovereign path (2:47)The trap that enables us to avoid facing our fears (6:12)What shadow work is all about (10:02)Why we’re pre-designed to get through these trying times (20:21)How mirror work has helped Raj lean into challenging relationships (28:28)Why self-trust is the most important gift we can offer ourselves (42:02)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Raj Jana website: https://www.rajjana.comRaj Jana Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raj_janaRaj Jana podcast Stay Grounded: https://www.rajjana.com/podcast/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Sovereignty or THIS


    Sovereignty or THIS.I've been doing a ton of soul searching around the truth I decided to take a stand for back in September. Yes, I've felt liberated, empowered, and free... most of the time. But, inside it's been a crazy-freaking-roller coaster of emotions that has felt utterly exhausting and alienating at times.Speaking up and standing in your truth in today's censored world requires a mental, physical, and spiritual fortitude I didn't know I had, but I do. ​​And you do, too.So what do I *really* mean when making statements such as, "I will not comply" or "Holding the line in the strictest county in America"? My most honest answer is revealed in this week's episode. Listen, this one is very, very intense. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. But neither is this Sci-Fi thriller we're all living in which is the whole point of this episode.And if that doesn't scare you away, this episode is a must-listen for you.Tune In and Learn:An important agreement I’ve made with my guests (1:13)The next phase of my brutally fast awakening (7:01)Protecting our energy and letting go of fear (15:08)Why feeling and facing our fears is safe (29:31)How to experience the Grand Ascension right now (33:55)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Michael Sandler’s Inspired Nation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isgN6BStDpo&t=2920sGene Keys’ Unity: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=INCwYFMjFSo&list=RDAMVMINCwYFMjFSoKyle Cease’ “Loving is Seeing": https://youtu.be/LFq7w_vocIIWorld Economic Forum: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/06/now-is-the-time-for-a-great-reset/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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