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Fire and Soul with Michelle Sorro | Cultivating Sovereign Leadership in Today's World

Michelle Sorro | 7 Figure Heart Centered Coach and Mentor for Leaders

Fire and Soul is a community where leaders and truth seekers gather to unite in sovereignty in today's triggered world. Join Michelle Sorro, a 7-figure heart-centered coach and mentor, on a mission to take you on a journey of self-empowerment with weekly guidance and channeled wisdom. Featuring courageous and compassionate conversations with extraordinary leaders who have awakened from the illusion, Fire and Soul will help you reclaim sovereignty in life, love, and entrepreneurship. Let's listen, learn, and stand together as models for our new world, starting now.

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  • Fire and Soul with Michelle Sorro | Cultivating Sovereign Leadership in Today's World podkast

    Inside Human Design With Erin Claire Jones


    Having a map to guide you is not only helpful, but it’s a huge relief. Whether you’re traveling along the ancient cobblestone streets of an old European city or hiking remote mountain trails, that guidance goes a long way. Not only does it get you where you’re going, but it offers you a sense of security in knowing that you’re on the right path. So, wouldn’t it be great if we had a map that could help guide us in life? What if there were some way to understand yourself on a deeper level so that you knew exactly what to pack, which way to go, and who your best travel partners might be along the journey of life? Well, that map exists.It’s called a Human Blueprint and it’s there to guide you toward making decisions based on how you feel, not by what you think. It’s your own personal guide to alignment that gives you permission to be exactly who you are. It’s how you’ll feel more aligned along your journey and harness the kind of success that’s true to who you really are. In this episode, I’m welcoming Erin Claire Jones to the show. She’s a Human Design Guide and leadership coach who’s been featured in Forbes, Mind Body Green, and Nylon magazine. She has helped over 15,000 people understand their human blueprint, and today, she’ll tell you how you can discover your unique map to guide you towards authenticity, success, and fulfillment. Human design can help you become more self-actualized, liberating you from confusion, anxiety, and disorientation. You’ll learn how to embody the framework as your unique gateway to BE what you've always felt but never allowed yourself to fully step into.Here’s to living into your truth by design! In This Episode You Will Learn:The definition of a human blueprint (2:22)Types of blueprints and what they mean (4:14)Why you feel out of alignment when resisting your blueprint (14:33)How your design information continues to inform your actions over time (21:16)What you can learn from human design about your relationship (26:04)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Get your Blueprint: a personalized guide to your unique design:*Use the code FIREANDSOUL for 10% off your Blueprint or a spot in Erin’s next Flow workshopLook up your human design: with Erin:InstagramWebsiteBook an individual session: her next free intro webinar: See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Guided by Wholeness with Raj Jana


    Awakening is an empowering, excruciating, and wildly expansive journey. And if this is you right now, know you are not alone. You have an entire tribe standing united with you, including my very special guest on today's episode.Raj Jana, one of the kindest and wisest serial entrepreneurs I've ever known, joins the pod to journey deeper into the transformative experience of the Grand Awakening. We talk about the gift of self-trust and sacred practices of shadow and mirror work, and how they can help us tap into our power personal so that we can be in service to others from our highest level.I'm honored by this conversation because it represents the epitome of sovereign leadership in today's trying times. Enjoy!Tune In and Learn:What led Raj to seek his sovereign path (2:47)The trap that enables us to avoid facing our fears (6:12)What shadow work is all about (10:02)Why we’re pre-designed to get through these trying times (20:21)How mirror work has helped Raj lean into challenging relationships (28:28)Why self-trust is the most important gift we can offer ourselves (42:02)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Raj Jana website: https://www.rajjana.comRaj Jana Instagram: Jana podcast Stay Grounded: See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • Fire and Soul with Michelle Sorro | Cultivating Sovereign Leadership in Today's World podkast

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  • Fire and Soul with Michelle Sorro | Cultivating Sovereign Leadership in Today's World podkast

    Sovereignty or THIS


    Sovereignty or THIS.I've been doing a ton of soul searching around the truth I decided to take a stand for back in September. Yes, I've felt liberated, empowered, and free... most of the time. But, inside it's been a crazy-freaking-roller coaster of emotions that has felt utterly exhausting and alienating at times.Speaking up and standing in your truth in today's censored world requires a mental, physical, and spiritual fortitude I didn't know I had, but I do. ​​And you do, too.So what do I *really* mean when making statements such as, "I will not comply" or "Holding the line in the strictest county in America"? My most honest answer is revealed in this week's episode. Listen, this one is very, very intense. It is definitely not for the faint of heart. But neither is this Sci-Fi thriller we're all living in which is the whole point of this episode.And if that doesn't scare you away, this episode is a must-listen for you.Tune In and Learn:An important agreement I’ve made with my guests (1:13)The next phase of my brutally fast awakening (7:01)Protecting our energy and letting go of fear (15:08)Why feeling and facing our fears is safe (29:31)How to experience the Grand Ascension right now (33:55)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Michael Sandler’s Inspired Nation: Keys’ Unity: Cease’ “Loving is Seeing": Economic Forum: See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Unspoken Soul Food with Chris Robbins


    Today's guest, Chris Robbins, is a dad, writer, seeker, in love with his wife Mel Robbins, and the founder of Soul Degree: adventure-inspired wilderness-based retreats designed exclusively for men. If you battle with anxiety, addiction, or feel overwhelmed by the panic of the matrix, and whatever other external pressures the system tells us we need to accomplish to matter in this world, this one is for you.In this pod, you’ll discover what led Chris to realize that his life had become a lot less fun and much more serious, and how he finally did something about it. He shares how Soul Degree retreats create space for clarity, connection, acceptance, and an intimate brotherhood, resulting in profound relationships with themselves and each other. Soul Degrees' mission paves the path to deeper sovereignty and more fulfillment in their roles as partners, fathers, and friends. On a personal note, this was one of the most wholehearted conversations I’ve ever had the honor of having. Thank you, Chris.Tune In To Learn:Living “one gate" at a time (1:22)The birth and purpose of Soul Degree (3:41)The impact that deep connection can have on a person (8:54)How to take a moment for regrounding, every day (16:49)Clearing vices from our paths and finding clarity (24:10)Why honesty resonates the loudest (32:05)Finding joy and meaning by breaking the mold (41:25)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Mel RobbinsByron KatieConnect with Chris Robbins:InstagramSoul Degree See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Alexandra Stockwell, MD | Creating Connection in Polarized Times


    If you’re feeling disconnected from friends and family due to polarized viewpoints, you are not alone. Our collective is experiencing a trauma response that has people fighting against one another. From taking sides, throwing labels, and shutting each other down… Or worse, flat out ignoring one another. So how do we navigate difficult conversations with the people we cherish so that we can create connection and nurture our relationships in today's trying times?In today’s pod, I’m honored to introduce my guest and friend Alexandra Stockwell, MD. Alexandra is a seasoned intimate marriage expert known as “The Intimacy Doctor” who specializes in helping humans cultivate conscious connection and intimacy. She’s a proud and passionate wife of 25 years and a mother of four children. Alexandra's the best-selling author of Uncompromising Intimacy and the host of the Intimate Marriage Podcast. For over 20 years, Alexandra has shown men and women how to bring pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life from the daily grind of running a household, to clear and intimate communication, to ecstatic experiences in the bedroom. And in this pod, she brings us a truly potent conversation to help inspire us to increase our capacity to connect regardless of the times. This one is super special. Tune In To Learn:Knowing when it’s time to shed an old paradigm for authenticity (5:32)Many meanings of intimacy but the one that will actually *create* it (10:00)How open-heartedness inspires open-heartedness (17:52)Letting your connection be the guide in difficult conversations (25:16)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Website: AlexandraStockwell.comPodcast: The Intimate Marriage PodcastBook: Uncompromising Intimacy by Alexandra Stockwell, MDConnect with Alexandra Stockwell, MDLinkedInInstagram See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Steve Olsher | A Potent Conversation with Podcast Icon, Steve Olsher


    Even if we don’t realize what it is yet, we’ve all got a mission. Whether it’s to speak up, inform, inspire, lead, share, or support, there’s something about you that is uniquely yours, and sharing that experience is bound to help someone in the world. Spreading your message has never been so easy. Since the rise of podcasting, audio-on-demand has become one of the leading, and most accessible, pathways to sharing. The key is to dig deep and discover what it is within yourself that needs to be heard.  In this episode, you’ll tune into a potent conversation between me and podcast icon, Steve Olsher. Steve is Founder & Editor-In-Chief of Podcast Magazine, creator of ClubPod (on Clubhouse — the largest podcast group on ALL social media platforms), and creator of PodXpo. Additionally, he was the original Chairman & Founder of, an online pioneer who launched CompuServe’s Electronic Mall in 1993, a New York Times bestselling author, an international keynote speaker, and an in-demand media guest who has appeared on CNN, The Huffington Post, the cover of Foundr Magazine, and countless other media outlets.In today's pod, we discuss the definition of podcasting, and what it means to have the ability to deliver your message to people in such an intimate and personal way. Steve shares the simple ideas behind his WHAT inside his What is Your What? framework, a method designed to help you identify your message, zero in on your audience, and find the best path towards getting your mission off the ground and into hungry ears.And then, Steve shares a truly potent and personal moment reflecting on his wife's WHAT and how that led to his current WHAT.Here’s to sharing your unique message with the world! In This Episode You Will Learn:What’s evolving in the world of podcasting (2:39)How to define a podcast in the context of today’s world (10:39)Discovering your WHAT and sharing your mission (16:03)Breaking down the 1-2-3 framework behind What is Your What? (24:48)My journey toward mask-off, brave AF, and sovereign leadership (33:38)The world is waiting for the thing you, uniquely, have to say (40:55)Resources Mentioned in this Episode:Join Michelle in the Awakened Collective on Telegram: Olsher: https://steveolsher.comNYT Best Selling book, What is Your WHAT (totally FREE): (the largest podcast club on ALL social media platforms): https://clubpod.clubSteve’s Podcast Magazine: See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • Fire and Soul with Michelle Sorro | Cultivating Sovereign Leadership in Today's World podkast

    Michelle Sorro | United Polarity in Today's Triggered World


    In case you missed the big announcement last week, the Fire and Soul podcast made a radical shift to being devoted to cultivating courageous conversations and sovereign leadership in today's world.What does that *really* mean?Waking up from the matrix of deceit, tyranny, and coercion. Sharing resources.Being brave and bold AF to speak up for the truth I serve.​And...Recognizing that not everyone lives in the exact same reality as you (or, me).We are more polarized and divided than ever.Which can easily lead to condescension and rage, regardless of where you stand.So I hopped on the mic and recorded a new episode of Fire and Soul in response to just that.​Tune in and learn:What it means to be united in our polarity How we’re all playing a role in keeping the illusion of division alive ​How sharing loud and proud can lead to discovering a new mission for yourself (did for me)Cultivating courage and compassion with ourselves and one anotherCredible resources from my own awakening that I still tune into todayPeople Mentioned in this Episode:Steve OlsherResources Mentioned in this Episode:Join Michelle on Telegram: Highwire with Del Bigtree: by Dr. Joseph Mercola: https://www.mercola.comChildren’s Health Defense with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: https://childrenshealthdefense.orgAubrey Marcus Podcast: by Mikki Willis: https://plandemicseries.comThe Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson: Duck Go search engine: See for privacy and opt-out information.
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    Michelle Sorro | Standing for the Truth That I Serve


    After nearly 2 months, I'm back! The energy is intense and overwhelming. Our friends, family and community members are beginning to divide due to polarized perspectives and viewpoints. Every nuance of the old paradigm is being amplified and magnified, as we are being demanded to wake up. I’m here for all of it and I'm here for you as you awaken, too.So I’m inviting you to a brand new Fire and Soul — a reimagined podcast devoted to cultivating courageous conversations and sovereign leadership in today's world. I will feature courageous conversations with extraordinary leaders who have also awakened from the illusion to help you reclaim sovereignty in life, love, and entrepreneurship in ease and grace. I recorded this episode four different times before finally publishing because I wanted it to authentically reflect the past 18 months of my experience in waking up from the matrix. It’s been brutal, scary and painful AF but I thank God my name was on the wake-up list every single day. So many of us are hungry for leaders to be brave in these trying times. We crave leaders who are unafraid to speak up and I could no longer call myself an actual leader without publicly taking a stand for the truth that I serve. The intention of F+S 2.0 is to create a place where we can gather and unite in our collective awakening. Let's listen, learn, and stand together as models for our new world. Listen with link in my bio. Aho.In This Episode You Will Learn:A tumultuous transition into sovereign leadership (3:51)My brutal awakening and liberation from living in the matrix (7:24)Learning that our souls are imperishable (14:24)Internal versus external authority in leadership (24:53)The new paradigm of Fire & Soul (27:25)People Mentioned in this Episode:Jake BalentineResources Mentioned in this Episode:Book: Potent Leadership: Drop the Mask, Ignite the Real You, and Reclaim the Leader Within by Ruby FremonJoin Michelle on Telegram: See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • Fire and Soul with Michelle Sorro | Cultivating Sovereign Leadership in Today's World podkast

    Emily Williams | Start with Your Heart


    Imagine that you’re in the midst of making a huge life change. The car is packed, you’re moving somewhere else, into something completely new. You start the engine and begin in the direction of that next adventure. But, something happens as you get further and further down the road. There’s a hesitation that you can’t really explain, but the further you get, the stronger it becomes. Our instincts exist for a reason, even if that reasoning doesn’t exactly make sense in the moment. When you start to follow a more instinctive, heart-driven path, the next step will always fall into place. And that’s exactly what happened with my guest today. When her instincts kicked in, her trusting mother literally turned the car around and a new path began to emerge. In this episode, I’m talking to Emily Williams, a success coach, entrepreneur, and author with a seven-figure business. After experiencing a quarter-life crisis, she made a big move from Ohio to London. In 2014, she launched her business, I Heart My Life, making only $442 in her first year. But she stuck it out, eventually hitting six figures only six months before her 30th birthday...then grew to seven figures in just under 18 months!  Today, Emily works with female entrepreneurs all over the world to help them overcome the obstacles separating them from their dreams. Through her two companies, other women are freeing themselves to live happier, more fulfilled lives that exceed their wildest dreams! You’ll hear how she did it, how to listen to your own call-of-the-heart, and you’ll learn how to know the difference between fear and that gut instinct that’s trying to tell you something. Here’s to following your instincts and finding the life of your dreams! In This Episode You Will Learn:Why you have to pay attention to your internal guidance system (5:08)How to tell the difference between a gut instinct and fear (8:56)Why happiness isn’t conditional; it’s conditioning (14:04)Believing in the potential that others see in us (19:57)The real recipe for creating a life you love (28:49)Connect with Emily Williams: Mentioned in this Episode:Marie ForleoGina DeVeeKate TaylorDr. Erin Haskell See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • Fire and Soul with Michelle Sorro | Cultivating Sovereign Leadership in Today's World podkast

    Michelle Sorro | Let Yourself Arrive


    It's been a minute since I've hopped on the mic to offer a solo on Fire+Soul. God, I've missed you. I miss a lot of things. Especially life (and living in Los Angeles) pre-pandemic times...However living through this pandemic has affected you, there's no denying it’s been a time of massive transition. It’s shaken us from our rules & routines, and maybe even our entire view of the world. And it continues to show us who we *really* are inside the social, medical and political upheaval worldwide. Reminds me of a shamanic expression: “Relax, NOTHING is under control.” ;)In today's pod, I share a personal update and how I've been navigating all this uncertainty while continuously being called back to the present moment. Learning to trust my INNER KNOWING FOR REAL. It’s been dark AF at times but without the dark, there is no light so I’m here for it all. How do you honor uncertainty? Are you able to sit in the space of expansion? Can you fly off the edge of all you know and TRUST? It’s time to define our reality as we choose, regardless of external circumstances.In This Episode You Will Learn:Where dreams and divine intervention collide (7:35)What it’s like coming out through the other side of darkness (12:27)Deciding where to plant my future (18:35)Defining what “home” means to you (23:39)How to let yourself arrive (29:02)Why periods of transition are gifts from the universe (34:04)Discover the Mir Method (36.01)People Mentioned in this Episode:Mark GrovesBrenè BrownEvan Marc KatzResources Mentioned in this Episode:Radiant Rest: The Love Podcast: Let Yourself ArriveEpisode 129: Dr. Erin | Transforming Trauma to Birth Your Purpose See for privacy and opt-out information.

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