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Cinematographers Mandy Walker ASC ACS, Natasha Braier ASC ADF & Polly Morgan ASC BSC, moderated by Matthew Woolf

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Film Roundtable is very excited to welcome back to the show, Mandy Walker, ASC ACS, Natasha Braier ACS ADF, and Polly Morgan ASC, BSC.

In this insightful and in-depth conversation, all 3 talented and trailblazing female cinematographers engage in a personal, collaborative, and honest discussion. Amongst the many great topics discussed, they reveal how they have learned to navigate the challenges of getting the job done maintaining respect, and creating a positive team spirit.

Breaking down aspects of their latest films, Elvis, She Said, and Woman King, they talk about their prep process, how it’s evolved, and how to deal with “How am I going to do that?!” Moments.

They also talk about how the landscape has changed in the industry highlighting how production is becoming more aware that opportunities need to continue to be given to women and people of color.

One of the greatest takeaways that have turned out to be extremely timely in light of Mandy Walker becoming the 1st woman in history to win the ASC award for best cinematography, is that a balance in the industry is finally starting to form thanks to the strength, courage, and persistence of these and other heroines before them.

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