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Artist Terence Nance and Artist + Producer Tamir Muhammad, moderated by Erin Wile

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Film Roundtable is welcoming back two pioneering instigators and our dear friends who we love to have on the show; Artist Terence Nance and Producer, Artist, and founder of Populace, Tamir Muhammad.

In this episode we talk about Terence + Tamir's years of partnership. Most recently, the second season of Random Acts of Flyness, now on HBO. We chat about the expansiveness of season 2 as well as the deep level of collaboration and devotion being held by all involved in the project.

Tamir share's with us how he holds the and/both while working in partnership within the studio system, with a project as creatively uninhibited as this one, and at the same time keeping Terence's artistic vision whole and safe. We discuss what it means to speak our truth and what allows us to feel free in our expression. And we spend some time discussing the differences between healed and unhealed Kings and Pirates.

If you know you know :)


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