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187: DEI's Big Fat Problem: Fat Discrimination at Work

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Let me ask you a question: have you ever had diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training that was focused on size inclusion or anti-fat bias? Has anti-fat bias even been a footnote in any DEI training that you’ve had or seen? I asked these questions to company leaders, DEI professionals and my audience on Instagram and the answer was a resounding big fat ‘no’. This is a problem, a big one. Today we talk about weight bias at work, DEI efforts and fat people’s stories. Want me to train at your workplace? Go to:

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Dismantling ​Anti-Fat ​Bias in The ​Workplace:
DEI’s Big Fat Problem:
Is your organization legally required to protect fat folks from discrimination?:
Unfit for Work: Weight Discrimination in the Workplace:

Unfit for Work: Weight Discrimination in the Workplace:

Median earnings for women in 2021 were 83.1 percent of the median for men:

Research: How Americans’ Biases Are Changing (or Not) Over Time:

The Health & Retirement Study:

The weight bias against women in the workforce is real — and it's only getting worse:

Fat peoples experience:

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