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183: AITA for telling my DIL she wasn’t invited due to her weight

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Have you ever read the “Am I The Asshole” questions on Reddit? If you don’t know what AITA is: People ask the internet if they were in the right or wrong about a situation that happened in their life. Well, these questions are a source of endless entertainment for me! I brought my friend Summer Innanen from Eat The Rules podcast to get her verdict on four AITA posts that I picked out around weight and diets. Some of these AITA question askers are grade-A donkeys and also there are some grey areas where things are less clear. TW: anti-fatness, ableism, gender A-Hole behaviour.

Episode show notes:

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When You Don’t Believe Your Partner Is Attracted to You:

IG roundup on above podcast episode:

AITA for telling my SIL she wasn’t invited due to her weight.

AITA for putting my 9yo on a diet and 'emotionally damaging' her?

AITA for embarrassing my friend’s obese boyfriend by making him sit on a chair different from everyone else’s at dinner?

WIBTA for imposing a diet on my wife if she wants to travel with me?

AITA for covertly losing weight as a bridesmaid & refusing to be set up with her friend after overhearing the bride call me fat?

AITA for telling my girlfriend to lose weight?

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