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221: Owning our gender differences with Mike Gunner from Married at First Sight | Emasculation, backlash & BTS of MAFS

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Today I am speaking with Mike Gunner who appeared on season six of Married at First Sight (MAFS) back in 2019. In episode 41 Mike said that women cannot cope under as much pressure as men can. Mike unsurprisingly received a lot of backlash for this statement but as many of you will know, I am very fond of helping us dismantle this political correctness around men and women and understanding ourselves as biological beings and not trying to shove us into a box that fits a political agenda. I was really excited to have Mike on the show to chat with me about this topic, we dive into:

· The varied responses to Mike’s opinions on the show from different cultures

· Double standards of communication between men and women

· What true feminism is and how radical feminism is changing how men approach women

· How Mike deals with emasculation

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