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197: How masculine men actually make society safer, and feminine-men make it unsafe

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Today's episode is all about how as a woman you need to understand that if you want to feel safe, you need to feel safe around men. This is also a good episode for men to listening to, as a great permission slip to be in their grounded masculine. I chat about:

☽ The MeToo movement, feminism and how the intention of these movements have shifted, been taken out of context and blown out of proportion, thus creating a manhunt which is causing the opposite of what we want.

☽ How biologically, men will make women feel safer

☽ How the answer to women feeling 'unsafe' is actually in MEN

☽ Understanding that as women we want to feel ravished, loved, cherished and wanted by men.

☽ How society has made men's good dominance to become an unhealthy, toxic, masculine trait when actually it the thing that makes women feel grounded and safe.

☽ Why biologically and energetically, the feminine wants to be devoured by the masculine.

☽ Why we need to give permission for men to be their masculine

Want more?

⇢ Here is the survey I mention (share this with the men in your life!): https://forms.gle/Tj7pgXjhNzu2zdkr5

⇢ Read the blog version of this ep: https://monicayates.com.au/197-how-masculine-men-actually-make-society-safer-and-feminine-men-make-it-unsafe/

⇢ The Man: https://monicayates.com.au/monica_work/the-man/

⇢ Men's Survey: https://forms.gle/D8A3nBb7prHN4R4j8

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