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Episode 6 - Diving Deep & The Importance of Making Shitty Art with Sustainable Passion x Alisa Hartley

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On this episode I met with Alisa Hartley to talk on various topics including asking the big questions in life, discernment, considering ethics in morality within belief systems, 2021 energy within the Tarot, the importance of ‘creating shitty art’, magic mushrooms, and how they take you ‘outside of the box’, tapping into your own unique energy, artistry, and creativity.

Alisa Hartley is an intuitive guide, tarot reader, and writer. With a heart centered approach to her offerings, she unifies the realm of spirit with the tangible Here and Now. She strives to create and cultivate connection and togetherness in her community. An eternal teacher and student, she is guided by her intuition, while always learning and always strengthening her connection to Spirit. She is here to provide sacred service to her clients in a safe and welcoming environment.

Show notes:

(1) Movie: Soul (Disney, 2020)

(2) Book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

(3) Anie McNee Instagram: @inspiredtowrite

(4) Ziggie Instagram: @theyziggie

(5) Writing Womb:

(6) The Sacred Tree Year Course:

(7) Orgasmic Enlightenment Podcast Episode - The Psychedelics of Sex:


IG: @alisa.hartley

The Poetry: @alisa.hartley.poet

The Writing Group: @writingwomb

Website: [Coming Soon]

Email: [email protected]


Earth Magic is a community for open, conscious conversations about spirituality, sustainability, art, and the need for advocacy and discussion within these topics.

At Earth Magic, we embrace holistic living. We believe living this way allows us to dive deep into the topics that allow us to live a more conscious and expansive life while creating a planet that celebrates diversity.

Earth Magic is brought to you by Sustainable Passion. Sustainable Passion is a small business that offers a curated Zero Waste Store as well as Spiritual Readings and Healings. Located in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Instagram: @sustainable_passion




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