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Why Would Anyone Do a Silent Retreat? | Empowering Midlife Wellness

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Last week I was lucky enough to experience a silent meditation retreat, and the first question most people ask is “why one earth would you want to do that?” While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I have several key takeaways from this and other retreats that I have attended over the years that can really improve our quality of life in immeasurable ways. While hormonal and nutritional wellness are so important, we don’t want to forget about our mental wellbeing, which possibly is the MOST important element in midlife (or any stage of life) wellness. Today I'll be sharing some easy things that you can do at home, at work or any time during the day to bring ourselves back into alignment with our core values and to find some peace and contentment in our busy (anxious, worried, depressed, stressed) lives.

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