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The 3 Life Lessons I Learned By Doing Hard Things | Empowering Midlife Wellness

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Over the years, so many people have asked me why I continue doing long-distance triathlons, and after putting a lot of thought into this question, I realized that I have learned so much about how to get through difficult things in real life through this sport. Doing hard things -which in my case might be athletic events, or could be as simple as having a difficult conversation, picking up a new hobby, or changing a relationship- teaches us that we CAN do hard things. Only though practicing doing hard things can we learn the extent of our inner strength and resilience. While it might sound counterintuitive to do hard things on purpose, my experience is that we can develop expertise only through practicing, and this is no different. Today I'm honing in on three really important life lessons that we can apply when taking on difficult challenges that can serve us in every facet of life.

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