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My Brain Aneurysm Surgery | The Test that Saved My Life!

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Most of us don't think much about brain aneurysms, but 2-5% of us have an asymptotic brain aneurysm, which is a weakening of the wall of a critical blood vessel, often not detected until it ruptures. Ruptured aneurysms are a relatively common cause of stroke or even sudden death, but can be quite easily treated in a non invasive way if caught prior to rupture. Today I'm sharing my personal health story following an incidental finding of a significant brain aneurysm, which was treated last week by Dr. Omar Tanweer at Baylor College of Medicine. Just a few days after the surgery I am back at work and feeling 100% fine! Educating ourselves and our families about aneurysms is critical and can prevent permanent brain injury and death. This video not only follows my story, but also includes an interview with Dr. Tanweer talking about aneurysm symptoms, risk factors and treatment options, which is something all of us need to know!

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