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As many of you know our "Activating Happiness in Midlife" retreat is coming up soon. Today I'm sitting down with my friend Yaniv Shanti, who has been such a huge inspiration to me on my personal development journey, and will be one of the co-facilitators of this incredible event. After attending one of Yaniv's "Happiness Activation" programs myself, I was so inspired to offer it to others. Yaniv runs a "Happiness School" in San Jose, Costa Rica and describes himself as a happiness activist! His teachings are purely experiential (meaning try it for yourself and experience what happens), don't require any particular belief system, and are open to all spiritual traditions. Today Yaniv explains what he will be offering at the retreat, and why these practices can truly transform your life and help to reclaim the happiness that is already inside you. Happiness is our basic nature, and through simple, fun, enjoyable practices we can reconnect with the positive emotions that fill our lives with joy. His practical four part process starts with intention, activation, inspiration and integration, and we will be immersing ourselves in these throughout our three days together in Costa Rica. You can connect with Shanti through his website below, and follow the links to sign up for this amazing event, which is limited to only 25 guests and is currently being offered for a special price through the end of August! We can't wait to see you there, November 10-13 in Costa Rica! Learn more about the Happiness School: https://eldespertadorcr.com Register here for the Empowering Midlife Wellness retreat: https://tri.ps/J68Pw View the retreat brochure: http://bit.ly/44Dca74

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