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Cultivating Joy With Generosity | Empowering Midlife Wellness

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Continuing from last week's discussion about easy things that can bring us peace and joy, today I'm talking about a simple practice of generosity, and how that can completely change the flavor of our experience. An act of generosity as small as an offering a smile to a stranger, or giving of ourselves in any way (rather than keeping everything close to our chests) can completely disempower our stories about not being enough. If you think about it, generosity proves that story wrong, because we can only give to others when we have abundance, and practicing generosity is an easy way to undo those old limiting beliefs- the ones that keep us feeling alone, separate and not enough. Try it for yourself and see what happens! Read the blog “The Practice of Generosity & Joy” - https://drsusan.com/the-practice-of-generosity-and-joy/

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